Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Swing Trade Update

Friday , November 02 - Swing Tade Update:

Today was a Taylor Trading Technique Sell Short day signal for today after yesterday’s big rally, and my Propriatery Cycle Indicator ( P C I ) confirmed that we should anticipate a sale today. In addition to what the TTT said we might expect a correction today in a “buy the rumor, sell the fact” trade today.

The market ran out of steam shortly after the 9:30 est stock market open (it’s often a turning point), falling through the reference key level prices and reaching the overnight double bottom low of 1420.25. It found support a bit under there and has since traded sideways through early afternoon.
If you were following my swing trade today or if you had your fill of trading for the week you could have wrapped up the week by mid-morning.

Target number 6 was reached at 1431 and booked for another + 37.50pts and exited the rest at 1425 for + 31.50 pts booked on the final lot > Total pts for this Swing Trade : + 176.25 pts


4:55pm > Update : Fifth Target filled and booked at 1425 for + 31.50 pts booked profits

Final Target : 1433.25 > Globex High is now 1425.50 < 4:55pm est > Nov 1st


10:42am Update : Fourth Target Reached , filled and booked for + 29 pts <

Thursday, November 1st >  Long @ 1393.50 now trading at 1409.50 > 8:49am


The Lady stands after all and life goes on in the big city.

7:00am Swing Trade Update :  Long from 1393.50

Third Target reached as expected : + 12.50 pts booked again > Total Profits : + 46.75 pts

Thank You Sandy ( Hurricane ) and thank you for all the Shorts ( StocksTwits ) that took the wrong position, keep shorting , thanks

JaguarTrader ( StocksTwits )

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