Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Evaluation of a BAD Trade

Never follow someone that does NOT practice what he preaches !

"A loss of control and a gambling mentality"
with no self awareness or recognition of bad performance and incompetence !

Have you ever been in one of those trading rooms where...

... the moderator ( FT71 ) tells you he took a trade AFTER it had already gone on to be a winner?

... he NEVER seems to lose or to be wrong?

... you want to punch the monitor when he says "Who's in this with me?" and you have no idea why or how he entered the trade? ( The Trading Zone )

... everybody else in the room seems to get it but you?

... the moderator is more interested in being right than to teach the room members to recognize mistakes and how to fix them?

... you are constantly being sold something i.e. "like it says in my book.....on sale now!"

  New trader BEWARE !