Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reversal and Exit of Swing Trade

Is she crying again ? >  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg abruptly reversed course and canceled Sunday's marathon, a beloved annual race that had become a lightning rod for people frustrated by the disastrous aftermath of megastorm Sandy.

I my opinion it was a very bad judgement by this millionare NYC Major to even consider the event.
No sencitivity what so ever. Always thinking of dollars instead of placing the priority on charity and human dignity.

You get what you deserve New Yorkers ! for electing a millionaire for a City Mayor , clearly NOT a representative of the 60% of poor people that live in that city. HELLO ! Mr Millionare Mayor !, were was your head at ? ! ! ! > same as the Republican Party out of touch with reality and blinded by arrogance.

Two bad Omens for Mitt Romney , first his ignorant remarks about the 47% of voters and second NYC Mayor's bad judgement.

JaguarTrader ( StocksTwits ) aka TraderTopGun