Saturday, March 15, 2014

Swing Trade Setup Wins Again

The Swing Trade H & S Short Setup worked as planned and it was evident in the 4 Hr for an early
Short Entry . There was a question during the week posted for StockTwits followers but only one responce, and there were no qualifying followers during the week

Another Trader frustrated with FT71's Service :

"After reading his blog, watching some of the Webinars & following FT71 for several months on Twitter I have to agree with the "negative" reviews I've read. He's a good guy who's well intentioned but the service is incomplete, inadequate and lacking trade presicion. "

" As another reviewer noted, Marke Profile can be a useful tool but it's not a 'complete' method of trading and you can see and feel the frustration from many of the FT71 followers as they struggle trying to implement something that they're (unknowingly) missing pieces to "

"First, market profile/auction theory is not a methodology in and of itself. It also tends to perform poorly on trend days, wide range days or during periods of high volatility which FT71 freely admits. Since this is the primary focus of the service as it stands now, you're going to be disappointed once you figure out that you're not being provided all of the pieces that you need."

"As a former student/aspiring trader of FT71 who struggled mightly I can also vouch for the importance of consistent real-time mentoring because I never made any real progress until I started working with someone who was there with us every day. Or, has he used to say - some things can be taught, but some can only be demonstrated over time. And it's here where this FT71 service really leaves you wanting - and needing - more."

" In conclusion, I just don't understand the purpose of this FT71 service. First, there's nothing unique about his approach to MP and there are a number of other sources where you can get the same or better information and more value. Second, the real-time component is exceptionally weak !. And third, if the goal is to provide quality training then it really begs the following question - why aren't you providing your "followers' the same level of support that you provide for the traders you hire? His trade entries are too subjective and ambigious with no real time examples given in StockTwits or Twitter and his stops are too wide/high risk for any account size.


Jaguar Trader