Thursday, October 25, 2012

Swing Position Update

3pm est > Done for the Day

Scenario number 2 is now complete . Nothing beats a plan when trading. Can't express it enough
how important this part of trading is to you success.You always have to expect the unexpected from
this markets.

The number 2 scenario did not reached its target, therefore the necessary course of action according to the trade plan emailed to subscribers was implemented.The market followed scenario # 2 as predicted and that was another option in the trade plan.

Price action failed to find support at the key level zones and a reversal of trade was initiated.

11:50am > The 2nd Scenario playing out as suggested premarket. Approaching 1399.50 target as predicted. Target achieved now.

It is odvious that the stop loss orders hunting game continues in this market

Complete Trade Plan available upon request to non-subscribers.


The ES failed to make a new low after the FED Day and is trading above the Line In the Sand Zone :
in this Three Days Profile > 1410.75 to 1411.25 < Bear / Bull Zone.

9:00am > Notice how the Key Zone held after the Economic report reaction. Two scenarios at the open today :

1. Will open and drop to the 1409.75 VPOC and the 1409.25 to  1407.50 high volume zone OR

2. After the Open it will auction down through all the key levels and find support at the Key Institutional level : 1399.50

3. Will Open and go UP to 1417 to 1420 Key Resistance Zone OR

4. Will Open and go sideways above the Two Days Zone and then breakout.

Long @ 1399.75 < S 1 and Key Level

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  1. Hi TTg, Nice to see you back on your blog after your stocktwits venture. Would be nice to see your trade plan..seems similar to some ways to mine. I trade much smaller timeframes but was hoping to gravitate towards confidence in longer term trades, which is something I have been working on using a combo of price, time and target. thanks franco