Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Entry Short after Long Exit

Wednesday, October 17 Update : ZBZ12 < 30yr T-Bonds Futures > Short @ 149.15

Third Target filled and booked at 147.17 for + 62 Ticks = $1,937.50

Closed Position Total Profits : $ 4, 031.25

Arthur ,
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10:28pm est - ZBZ12 < 30 yr T-Bonds Update :

Open Swing Position :   Short from 149.15 Monday > first target was hit and booked + $ 437.50 or 14 tics.
Second Target :  Filled and Booked for + 53 Ticks or $ 1,656.25

Total Profits :  + $ 2,093.75

Trade Setup : Overbought condition from proprietary cycle indicator

JaguarTrader ( StockTwits )


3:10pm est - Second target hit and booked for another + 4 pts plus the Long going up ,
Totals : 26 pts > Done for the day. Short Open position left to run.

2:14pm Back from Lunch and Beach walk, nice weather.

Looks like the short is in the money + 2 pts booked and target is near, will be back to sip the champange and toast to another winner...

Will Sell 1449.50 < ES < Filled Sold 1449.50 > Sold second entry at 1450.50 < 12:15pm

Break for Lunch


  1. Another solid trade. Caught that one for +2.5. Congrats and thanks for posting. Enjoy the champagne. ;)

  2. Very impressive bond swing. I'm not quite as familiar with the bond markets as say other futures/commodities. However I'll definitely look to monitor bonds more actively now.

    Thanks for the update. And enjoy some more of that champagne. By the way the captcha text to post comments here, can be annoyingly difficult.

  3. Arthur,
    Agree with the annoying captcha.To avoid that you may post your comment more quickly on StockTwits and address it to @JaguarTrader

    Before I traded the ES , I was a Bond trader from '93 to about '98

  4. Yeah, that sounds like a better option. I'll try to comment there. Although there may be some disorientation at first.

    Your experience in the bond market definitely shows.