Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back to Trading desk

2:50pm est - Done for the Day

Trading Futures involves substantial risk of loss & is not suitable for all investors. Trades posted and comments are not trade recommendations.Use stop loss always.

1:54pm - In retrospect looking back at the intraday price action the 1454.50 Floor Pivot became
more improtant level than the 1457. This is why is very important to go back very quickly and reassess the developing action to learn from recent mistakes, and then take the trade setup.

One more trade setup was taken but due to technical reasons including an unespected electrical power outage I was not able to post the entry.The very tight stop loss save my early winnings.Always use a very small stop, low risk at key levels.If it doesn't work then reassess.

11:46am - Power Out at my residence ! Stop Loss hit > Loss .50 pts

11:40am Will sell 1456.75 > 1457 is a Key Level

10:39am - No fill on second target, exited Short for total : + 9 pts booked profits

10:15am - Booked + 4pts on first target filled . Note: Bad slippage on entry due to the economic report, but direction was correct.

10:03am est > SOLD 1455.50 and 1456.25

Will buy 1450.50 or Will Sell 1455 , now trading at 1452.50 < 9:34am est


  1. Regardless, thanks for posting the trades you did. I appreciate it. I was surprised it didn't test 1450, to 1449.50 earlier in the day.

    Just curious what software you prefer for analysis, if you don't mind my asking? Right now I'm sorta partial to Linnsoft, sometimes multicharts...

  2. hi, thanks for the comments; will start following your activity closely....are your posts available live or is there some kind of delay?