Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Swing trade Update

As posted in StocksTwits on Dec 31 at 12:14am or 14 minutes after midnight :
" Bullish Inverted Head & Shoulders > US Fiscal issues will be resolved > will buy at key levels "

New Swing Trade Initiated at 1384.50 with a separate Swing Trading Account followed by my subscribers. Note : there is another separate day trading account that is followed by a few subscribers.

Swing trade is now + 39.25 pts in profit . The ES market closed at 1423.75. Profits was taken and booked as posted in StocksTwits : @JaguarTrader

The Trade Setup :   Daily Inverted H & S Formation < 80% reliable
                                RSI ( 2 ) Reading : 2 > Day 3 of High Reliability setup
                                VIX Count : high extreme reversal signal
                                Daily Fibonacci Retracement Zone : 61.8%
                                Other Price Action Clues available to subscribers

Happy and prosperous New Year to all

JaguarTrader aka : TraderTopGun

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