Friday, January 18, 2013

Bullish Formations that Many did NOT want to See

Bears, pessimists and novices had another bad day.

There were many in StockTwits that ignored and failed to see these formations, you know who you are, even when there was a warning posted on this Blog 24 hours before the breakout to new highs.Called it arrogance, ignorance or just plain incompetence and many of them called themselves " Professionals " ! ?

Another Swing Trade Wins and worth + 21 pts per contract , called ahead of time , executed and booked, and still Open for more profits.

Thank you to the WRONG shorts who continue to play fortune teller. Without your arrogance and predictable behavior  this swing trade would not be possible.

Jaguar Trader aka TraderTopGun

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  1. i started following jaguar rt before the flash crash time. I saw him sell in 1450s n thought wow he got lucky. Then he went long again at the lows and rode it to the highs, and said okay he is on a roll. The part that caught my attn was when I followed jaguar 1hr by 1hr, and saw him only risking 1handle losses. To go from 1384 to 1480s with a 1 handle stop loss is impressive, looking forward to more of his blog.