Sunday, January 13, 2013

Market Status & Observations

Someone name ' AngryBen '  in StockTwits asked me how to become a subcriber. This person is not even a follower ! < first pre-requisite requirement.Talk about no common sense !


9:17am est Swing Position Update : Long @ 1456.50 > ALL 5  Targets reached and filled.Total open profits + 70 pts. > Next Target : 1482.75 < Monthly High in January 2008 > as described to the exclusive subscribers.

Trade Plan wins AGAIN.


Hey, Brad, did you get you head out of your ass? < This idiot was Short and he sends me a message in my StockTwits Inbox > " You are wrong and I'm right Sold Short....blah, blah, blah..." < Hope you learned something, stupid shit !

By the way : " The poor high of yesterday was signal of more upside. Market usually repairs the profile to make these highs look more symmetrical." < Quote from Twitter

The poor High was NOT the reason for the breakout to higher prices, you idiot !

12am Thursday, Jan 17 : Market Update and Position Status:

There is a Bull Flag in the Nasdaq , another Bull Flag in the Russell 2 K and another Bull Flag in the ESH13 < Long position is open and targets remain as specified by email to my long term faithfull subscribers and followers.

Word to the Wise:

  Any good Analyst knows from long term experience that technical formations in charts RULE OVER Indicators, News, and Noise or erratic swings, and especiallly over a any "Gutt Feeling "or " Fortune Telling Opinions "

A final WARNING to all Short Sellers > There are Bull Flag Formations ALL Over US Indicies Charts ! < BEWARE


3:45pm - Target reached for Long position > Done for the day.

Review : Short Target 2nd Objective  not achieved > Price action reversal and breakout in the 6th Hour is bullish if it closes above 1466.75 then there will be a Gap up tomorrow and it will be sold at  1482.75 to 1488


8am est Update : Short Entry from 1465.25 > Trade Setup works again. First target hit and filled + 8.50 pts next target : 1455

This is the same idiot that accused me of bragging several months ago because he can't predict price action and is not willing to learn either !


Long Position Liquidated due to failure to reached target and other price action clues

New Position Short in the 6th Hour : Sold 1465.25 > Trade Setup available upon request


4:10pm est > Update : Price action gives clue to possible gap down tomorrow to 1455.


2:03pm est > There as predicted > pattern repeats again > very predictable...


12:38pm est Update : > Test of 1461.50 is a buy ....1:40pm est > Any pullback to 1463 is a buy, price action is making a bullish formation that will probably breakout in the 5 or 6th Hour of RTH Session.

Looking at the profile for Friday, Jan 11 the poor high and poor low made is indicative of short term traders control of price action and the absence of longer term players which has an increase potential or subject to liquidation breakdown.Volume in the E-Mini S&P500 Futures was only 1,122K down 27% from previous day.

Market Internals are strong but no increase in volume and the leader of all Indecies, The Transportation Average has crossed to the downside the Daily Uptrend Channel. That means we can expect a pullback on the other Indecies including the S&P500.

Another significant development is that last week there was a record 23 Billion dollars inflow into equities funds which is a bullish sign for the up trend.

Long Position : 1462.50 > 8.50 Pts in profits < See previous post ...Expecting a pullback after a test of 1471.50 >  using 1464.50-1466 as Bull/Bear Zone > After the first objective target then 1473.25 is the second objective.


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