Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trade Plan for Today : New Swing trade

3:13pm est : Booked profits for another + 6.75 pts , Total on both positions : + 11.75 pts

3:10pm est Update : The ES is trading at 1459 on its way to target . . .while SriramaTanniru ( StockTwits ) sold at 1456 and LOST again  - 2.50 < Sold against the trend ? ! and he calls himself a " professional " ?

10:40am Update : Another Long Position added at Key Level 1452 < Long 1452.25

Now trading 1457.50 , booked profits + 5 pts

JaguarTrader ( StockTwits )

Yesterday was a NR 11 , very narrow day. The close was above the Opening Range but below the Pivot. B.O.J. Stimulus News pushed the market up to key Resistance .The ES is now trading above the previous Value Area. The Key Zone : 1452 to 1453.25 < Bullish Above , Bearish below.

As adviced to subscribers : " There is a strong probability that the ES will drop down as soon as it opens, due to the 30 year T-Bonds and the Dollar Index strong pre-market up trend." < exactly what happened

Expecting that key level above to be retested again today : Long from 1453.50

9:08am Update : Long positon in profit + 2 pts, scaled and booked, waiting for next target.

Trade Setup and Analysis :  Available Upon Request < Leave comment on this post if interested

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  1. Although this post is a month late, I would enjoy seeing some more of your trade setups and analysis. I've perused your blog going back to 2009 and as a trader just getting interested in futures, you seem like a perpetual store of good trading advice. If nothing else I enjoyed your brief time on stocktwits in which you showed the majority of the people who post there for what they are, crappy traders.

    I'm always looking to broaden my knowledge and anything your willing to share I'd be willing to read and study. So if nothing else on this blog know that you at least have an audience of one.