Sunday, September 16, 2012

Steps To Better Emini Trading

  • What turned my trading around ?
  • Applicable to not only Emini Trading
  • Not a sales pitch for some " better " indicators
  • Will try to be specific, not just platitudes
  • Just my point of view - a trader with steady consistent income, not a guru
For someone that would like to start and have never done this before, my first suggestion :

                  Target a small daily profit ....Stop over trading ....Set a profit target of only 4 points
with one contract only and then continue every day for at least 20 days. One shot, one kill and stop trading for that day. Try to maintain the discipline and control the urge to keep trading for 20 days.

If there are two consecutive loss trades , then STOP and do not continue because the frame of mind will not be an edge or in the right mode.That's the strict discipline that must be maintain and honored.

The habit to control your instincts and emotions is the key for a beginner successful trader, if this can be achived early , then the path to consistency will follow.

Why 4 Points ?

In 15 years the range of the E-Mini S&P500 Futures has been an average of approximately 10 points.

4 Points = 30 % of Average Range in the past 15 years < an achievable objective with very little stress.

Go for singles NOT home runs. Use achievable profit targets, NOT trailing stops.
Don't care if the day's range was 25 points and you only took 4 points < you want to stay in the game
and work on the discipline and mind control !

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  1. i copy pasted these notes. thx jag, i still cant read charts to save my life, but i can read price action when its going to move2-3 pts good enough 4me rt now