Monday, September 3, 2012

New Swing Position

Thursday - Sept 06 - Update:   

Open Position is now  GAIN : + 15 pts and Second Target reached and booked
Total profits now : + 26 Points = $ 1,300 per contract

Next Target : 1216.25

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Wednesday - Sept 05 - Swing Position Update :

Long ESU12 - Sept Futures E-Mini S$P500 @ 1398 since Aug 31

Open Position GAIN + 11 Point

Today's Price Action : N R 4 and Inside Day - Expected second target at 1412

Review : The ES Market opened and drop down to the 61.80% Fib at 1399.75 where it found support
as expected closing above the Key Institutional Level on the first 30 mins of trading.

On the second 30mins period the market tested the Key Level then it auctioned up to above the Globex High where it closed. Then on the second Hour it continued the uptrend up to the Key Resistance Level #1 at 1408.25 where a revesal took place down to below the Pivot where it closed.

 The Fourth 30min period the market droped and found support at the 50% Fib Level and reversed again closing above the Opening Range. After a Consolidation period of 2 Hours above the Opening Range until the 5th Hour where it droped again to the 61.80% Fib Level and closing above this level thus making a Double Bottom. So the Key price action clue was the holding of the 50% Fib Level.

End of Review - For Key levels follow me on Twitter or Leave an Message on this Post


Sunday, Sept 02

Back from a Summer long Scuba Diving and islands voyage through the Caribbean and Central America tropical Islands.

New Position in the E-Mini S&P500 Futures Sept ( ESU12 ) : Long 1398

11:30am - First Target hit and booked profits + 11 Pts = $550 per contract -
Open Position Long @ 1398

Next Target : 1412

These are comments from other Active Traders in StockTwits :
July 25
wtrans replied to your message
@JaguarTrader $ES_F, congratulations !
RonTyrer replied to your message July 15
$ES_F @JaguarTrader Awesome short at 1338. Want to share about 1335?
@JaguarTrader Nice trades all week
RonTyrer replied to your message
@JaguarTrader Perfect call of today's low. Great trade. I freely admit that I haven't been able to figure how you picked 1394.25 $ES_F
RonTyrer replied to your message
@JaguarTrader $ES_F Hey all you perma bulls and perma bears, this guy actually seems to know what he's talking about
wtrans replied to your message
@JaguarTrader $ES_F, U da Man, :)
Tomross58 replied to your message
@JaguarTrader Great job
Tomross58 mentioned you
@JaguarTrader you get a great ( price action ) read,,impressive !
Tomross58 mentioned you
@JaguarTrader OK,,,Where do I sign up for your class?,,I am trying to learn from you,,,thanks for sharing
OptionSniper replied to your message ( target hit )
dttmhouston mentioned you
@JaguarTrader $ES_F 1:17am -Will buy 1395.75 key level < Long 1395.75// nice, you're now in the $
Tomross58 mentioned you
@JaguarTrader Great trading Jaguar,,,is that who you would reccommend...
 Tomross58 mentioned you
@JaguarTrader great call
rsblades replied to your message
@JaguarTrader Well played trades both ways!
dttmhouston mentioned you
@JaguarTrader $ES_F + 4 booked, L@ 1407// you made killings here, good job
Tomross58 mentioned you
@JaguarTrader And thank you for sharing,,plz continue,,,when you make a call I always look to see why,,,thank you
RonTyrer replied to your message
@JaguarTrader Thanks for the insight today on $ES_F. Much appreciated.
LooseChange replied to your message
@JaguarTrader Hello New follower and was backtesting your calls. Impressive ! May I ask what time frame chart you are useing ? Thanks
Turkish replied to your message
@JaguarTrader you were correct. kudos to you sir. nothing bullish occurring---thus a neutral pattern
SriramaTanniru replied to your message
@MiniBot @JaguarTrader Right ;I don't have a crystal ball. But I'm happy Jaguar Trader has one & is able to foresee everything.  $ES_F ( This guy was getting jealous/envious of my ability to read and predict price action and thus made a negative comment because odviously he can't perform as well or he lacks what others have ) , Will forgive him.

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