Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Low Risk Trade Executed from Wed 1 0-13

Results of Swing trade : SHORT from 1180.25 Wed Oct. 13. Profits + 13.75 pts ,
on two units = + 27.50 pts gain or $ 1,375

The market retraced back up to retest 1181
Globex high today was 1080.75

My decision to maintain the original target was never in doubt due to several compelling reasons.

 Trading Plan Execution

Before entering any trade a professional trader will plan out the trade, including their entry, stop and targets. Long term profitability and success comes from being able to flawlessly execute your trading plan even in the face of adversity. A professional trader has absolute belief and conviction in their trading ability and therefore will never allow themselves to second guess their trading plan's logic mid way through a trade.


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  2. Paul,
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  3. Even discretionary traders need to have a plan. An expectation for a target area to enter -- a confirmation of a change in trend and targets to scale w/ a set stop area that if violated negates the reason for entering the trade.