Sunday, October 31, 2010

Anatomy of a BAD Sloppy Trade

This is very common illustration of what is going on on the Web these days.

This particular " Day Trading Educator " shows an example of his entry skills and crearly it does NOT measure up to high standards or good trading.

Not going to mention the name of the site but it is odvious that the poor trading skills does NOT justify the subscription price.

And please, don't come back to tell me that his was not the final target, IT DOESN'T MATTER , it is still a BAD , SLOPPY ENTRY ! NO precision whatsoever.

This critique- evaluation is done in good faith for those that are new to the day trading phenomenon.

Sunday, October 31st Halloween Trade:
Breakout Entry : Long 1182.25

Tuesday , November 02 Update :

Long from 1182.25 on Sunday night : 
Target reached at 1196.25 , + 14 Pts profits = $ 700 per contract

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  1. Struggled to follow the chart ... but great overnight call ... again.