Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pre-Open High Volume Reversal

As posted previously Saturday, Sept 18
the Reversal after the FED Day scenario as expected and called on last Saturday.
Long position from 1124 was liquidated at 1143.75 for + 19.75 points profits and NEW Swing position short: 1143.75
SETUP: 4 Hr MACD Bearish Divergence
RSI ( 2 ) Reading : 93
VIX Count
Other Intermarket Clues
Also 9-21 was a TTT SELL short day, that worked like a champ.

This Trade shown here is a Counter Trend Entry. The Trend is clearly down but the buyers initiated their longs at the key level shown on the chart. This is a classic High Volume Reversal with a very tight stop loss ( Low Risk ). Many of this HVR often occur but they failed to follow through, hitting the stop loss of many people that don't know what they are doing. For this trade to follow through immedietly , it must to take place at the correct exact level and at the correct magnitude of Volume, something that many day trading " Educators " or false pretenders don't teach you. Timing and Presicion is everything in trading.

Trading wisdom states that the majority is usually wrong.We make money from the imbalance of buyers and sellers that is created. This is how trend reversals and explosive moves occur. The question is, “Are you the first one on the scene when the imbalance takes place”?

Notable Quotes :
Jack Welch, another long time republican donor that expatriated thousands of US jobs during his GE position as CEO ,said in CNBC :
" We got very, very touch jobs outlook" . " Economy is not going to bail us out with these Government policies "
I wonder why he never said that during the Bush Administration when it was clearly worst than now.Double standards ? He is also spreading FALSE  rumors in CNBC about President Obama that he is
" Anti-Business ".
Warren Buffett, the worlds greatest investor, said that when the Government needs revenues the most, they should get it from the people that have the most ( wealthy citizens ).This statement is in full support of Higher Taxes Policies proposed by President Obama.

Other News : Communist China is increasing Oil deals with Iran ( CNBC ) ,while taking thousands of US jobs, thanks to previous republicans trade policies.

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  1. Wow Lance ten handles on that trade if you took it all the way. Hey how can I get on the team? Just yesteday I watched a prgram by an outfit that plots institutional levels...surely this is a big key. How do I get on the team..Franco