Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Trade Wins Again

Long from 1054.25 , Open Position Gain + 49.25 points per contract:

My Subscribers were alerted to this High Probability / Low Risk Trade and now they are enyoing the fruits of their labor.

There is a tendency for the first day of the month to be higher. Seven of the last 9 first days have been up. The first day of the month is when a lot of new capital is available for investment.

It closed the month of August 10.75% above the low for the month. I have found that when we close in the bottom 20% of the range for the month, the next two months have a tendency to be up.

There were other clues that made this trade succesfull. August 31st was an NR6 , Daily Doji and that sets up another low risk breakout trade.

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