Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another Wrong Projection

I find this many times in different "Trading"Blogs.
This is the day after FED Day(FOMC). This GURU made the wrong analysis in his Blog for his " Private Subscribers" lol
Much can be learn by looking at other peoples mistakes.But the irony is that most people don't look at their own mistakes and correct them.
This guy was so ignorant and arrogant that he failed to post an outcome of his WRONG Intraday Prediction !
These are the GURUs that later want to charge hundreds of dollars for his Analysis Paralysis.
Then he sends me an email " I simply gave them the possibility"
OH ! It was only a " possibility" ? with NO stop loss? and you did not even post the results after the fact FOR EVERYONE TO SEE ?
I know, you want people to pay you first for that " Private Blog " .
Where is your HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS? and why don't you post you Live Trading Results or your Simulated Blog Trading Results for everyone to see?
Don't worry there are many other BULLSHIT Traders like you. Will find them for you so that they join your BULLSHIT TRADING CLUB.

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