Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mini Miny Moe, Catch the Top and Let it Go, the beast will drop for sure.

SOLD E-Mini S&P500 at 1093 intraday signal

The vertical down move started after 2pm est. I was waiting for it and since it closed near the Low of the Day ( LOD ) will leave this SHORT Position open for more profits.
Mini Miny Moe, SELL the Mini and let it drop...
Thursday, October 22
The Beast is NOT dead,
Had to move the stop exit down to 1080 , that was the reaction high of the Economic Report at 8:30am. The exit was hit and filled for +13 Pts profits. It was NOT the original target. This was a classic example of why you should never get married to a position.
The Down move that started with an Outside Key Reversal Day on Thursday which did not materialize and price action today completely reverse more than 70% of yesterday's move.
So the Uptrend is alive and well, maybe wonded but alive. LONG LIVE The Bull !

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