Friday, September 25, 2009

It is 12:20pm-est The Big Index has reached the 20-DMA

The volume at this level is 16,464 Million , the highest of the day.There will be sideways consoladation at this level and possible reversal later. The E-Mini ( ES ) is very close to the 20 DMA at 1034.75. The 1037.50 Level is the POC from Monday,Sept-14, and this is why the ES is spending time around this Level in sideways trading.

My Second Target has been reached

On a side note: I just cannot understand why people are paying more than $6k for learning how to scalp the E-Mini for only one Point or four ticks. There is a Webinar from an Indian trading guru that only shows testimonials, most of it is a sales pitch, and then he has the audacity to show only one trade where he profits one single point, using only one overused Indicator, risking more than a full point , what a joke !

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