Monday, March 11, 2013

Swing Trade Final Target and Updates

Friday, March 15- 2:40am > Update : Long @ 1544.25 > booked profits : + 14.50 pts plus previous position Total : + 21.50


10:25am est Update : Market action dictated a change in bias by way of price action clues
and the Short Position was reversed to Long @ 1544.25 as adviced to private subscribers, no StockTwits notice due to the activity of too many ' Incompetent Gurus for a Fee ' .

Long position will be maintained as long as the key level  > 1545.50 is not violated.


9:15am est >  If bulls can't get new highs on retail sales number the technical picture will start favoring the Bear side.....

Wednesday, March 13 > 9:16pm Globex Session ( Tue Night ) > SOLD 1549.50
Setup : FLAT Top , MACD Bearish Divergence and other Clues as indicated to subscribers.Stay Tune....Booked + 7 pts and reversed to Long.



2:30pm - Swing Trade Update : Long @ 1507.50 > Setup as explain to subscribers.To no-subscribers the Inverted H&S Bullish Formation was one of the clues.

Target # 7 has been reached and filled or booked for another + 48.25 pts profits in the March Contract. Will have to liquidate the position due to the expiration of the contract.

The Total Points Final GAIN for this Swing Trade : 251.50 pts or $ 12,575 for all targets.


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  1. congrats on your trades, i took some time and read some 2007-2009 blog. a lot to read so just skimmed. Looks like mkt was testing the longs this am, i dont think it was a headfake, more of a feel to see how confident bulls bears are