Monday, November 14, 2011

Veterans Deserve Better

Many of you may remember that Veterans Day was originally commemorated by our nation as “Armistace Day”, a celebration of the cessation of hostilities after the first ‘Great War’. It was a day set aside to remember the horrors of those war years in an effort to nourish the hope that governments could find more civil ways of resolving their differences. It wasn’t until well after the end of WWII that we modified that commemoration to honor all of the veterans of all of America’s wars.

These days the horrors of war often go unrecognized by many civilians. It is only through the experiences of our veterans and their families that the timeless agonies of war are experienced and remembered.

 Except for the financial expenditures (which are astronomical), civilians rarely share in the ‘cost’ of going to war anymore.  Yet, it is precisely those costs that are fueling our current national debt difficulties. The fiscal problems that the United States  is  currently experiencing are due largely to the fact that the debt for those unfunded wars is coming due at a time when the economy is still suffering the consequences of the economic collapse of 2008.

I find it outrageous that, after invading Iraq and Afghanistan for 10 years on borrowed money, we are now trying to pay for it by reneging on the insurance policies that great and honest Americans have created and paid for called Medicare and Social Security.

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