Sunday, May 22, 2011

Options Expiration Friday - Review

Tuesday, May 24 :
New Swing Position : Long 1302.50 ESM11 - June E-Mini S&P500 ( ES ) as posted in Twitter.

Mean reversion BUY SIGNAL here at 9:15pm Tuesday Night.

This means conditions are very good for a very sharp Rally off of present prices over the next 10 sessions. The last time we got this BUY signal was at 1306 ESM11

My recommendation is to Buy any gap down and get possibly leveraged for a 3-5% UPSIDE MOVE


Correction on the chart : The Mayan end of the world, slated for 2012. I still think they were full of shit and the Spanish Conquistadors noticed it very quickly. One simple common sense evidence is the human sacrifices they made to their "Sun" God by taking the heart out of the victims and the other evidence is their decendands in present day Mexico, how they have not been very smart in politics, science and other disciplines.The same horrendous violence and corruption has been carried down though generations and now it is been display in the daily killings related to the drug traffiking in Mexico.These are the direct decendants of the MAYANS folks. Are we going to believe their " End of the World Predictions " ? give me a fucking break ! Who ever belives in them crap is so full of shit.


Great day to head for the ocean, do some diving. Blue sunny days are here again !

On a side note, it is unbelievable the magnitude of ignorance by the US population on Global issues and US foreign policies. Why did the US Government gave millions of dollars to Pakistan when they never did enough to find OBL and other terrorist. Those millions should have been spent on the States budgets to keep Teachers and Police Officers from being laid off ! Even worst is the fact that no one seems capable of protesting against these long term wasteful policies.We live in a very corrupt nation indeed.I know there are other places worst than ours but we are not the model of a good efficient democracy like so many people think. Every time that NASA sends a Shuttle to space, there is no discussion of the usefulness or cost effetiveness to US Citizens for spending millions of dollars in the space project. Is like NASA is in the entertainment business and no one asks why !

Space Shuttle Launches: No One Notices the Fiery Waste of Money
-Every time the shuttle takes off it costs approximately 500 million dollars.

-There are 5 total shuttles each costing 1.7 billion dollars
-2 shuttles accidentally blew up and the other 3 are being thrown away after this year.
-The current mission costs 500 million and the goal is “delivery of a connecting module to the International Space Station that will increase its interior space.”…
-The space shuttle program alone has cost tax payers 174 billion

The space shuttle and the space station rank high on the list of major federal investments whose costs have vastly exceeded the benefits delivered. Originally NASA’s shuttle program was conceived as an inexpensive way of sending human beings on numerous important military and scientific missions—as many as twenty-five to sixty missions a year.

But the costs and complexity of life systems led to payload limits that sharply downgraded the shuttle’s usefulness. The Air Force dropped out as a customer, and both military and serious scientific tasks have long been carried out through unmanned missions. By 1988, planned flights had dropped to eight a year; the past four years flights averaged five annually.

Moreover, in the 113 shuttle flights launched to date, fourteen astronauts have died, an average fatality rate of one for every eight missions. The international space station is also vastly less productive than originally conceived. Because of spiraling costs and other problems, several design features were dropped and the planned crew size of seven was cut to three. Since substantial crew time is required simply to maintain the station, little capability is left for scientific uses. Phasing out both manned space flights and the space station would save a total of $9 billion by 2014.

It is the last frontier ?. It is entirely our obligation to explore space ?. It is a program that we MUST invest in for the good of humanity ?. What happens if we make a discovery that is useful to mankind ? - These are the stupid selfish arguments of the scientific community and other ignorant people that are either wealthy or in such high ego cloud that they can't or will not see the need for better education and infrastructure or other high priority needs of many US communities. Also Read :

There is tons of overwhelming evidence that manned space flights are a waste of money. NASA is a waste of money with the size it is and the costs . Don't matter who gets where first anymore there is only one planet we can live on and that's this one . Use that funding right here on earth and let the space travel up to private industry without ANY tax payer funding OF ANY KIND.


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