Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Live Account Updated

Last update.

Trading Method:
Combination of price action, DOM reading scalping, and other market internals setups.

Long ZBH10 117-08

Exit of trade before target at 118-04 .NO regrets.

Profits: + 28 ticks or $875 per contract

Reason for early exit:

FED Day, Equities Indices price action and other clues

Long setup worked like a champ... Out Flat


  1. Agree completely that the amount of noise on Twitter is huge. Sorry to hear about your frustration with response to your posts. I, for one, pay attention to only two traders. You are one. Would hate to lose you.


  2. You are all too correct about the amount of noise on Twitter. But you are all signal and no noise, and one of just two posters I pay attention to. So while I understand your frustration, I hope you do not vanish.

    See you on the slopes.